Hiya! Welcome to my new blog!.
Well where has time been?.
I’ve been out of the blogging scene for such a long time roughly around three whole years.
Actually thinking about it, it could actually be a lot longer!.
Time has flown by and seriously I have no idea where it’s gone! or come to think of it what have I been doing?!.
Just kidding a lot has happened in three years I’ve been vacant on the inter webs and I’m hoping some of my faithful followers will come see me wave hello. I still regularly surf and read your blogs even still today!
I’ve been thinking on and off for a while that I really want to get back into my blog, so instead of moving everything over from my old blog www.sweetncrafty.blogspot.com, what better way than to start a fresh one with my very own name!

So welcome to my new blog and over time I’ll be filling it up with lots of different things from my life not just creativity!

Right now I’m off to catch up with you all!

Carlyann x

Written by Carlyann
Hiya, my name is Carlyann. 30 Something, Crafter, Illustrator, Writer, Daydreamer, Gamer, Pix Snapper, Artistic, Kitty Lover, Starbucks Addict and Your World Of Colour Owner.

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