All About Me

Hiya, I’m Carlyann and it’s fab you could join me in my colourful world right here.

This is my little space on the inter-webs that I can call completely mine. It even has my name on it, so it’s mine, yep I’ve claimed it!
I am a 30 something year old creative designer, writer, illustrator, sticker addict, planner addict, crafter & Starbucks Nut living in the picturesque English county called Shropshire.

I originally started Creative working back when I was 15,  I built my portfolio very quickly through my original blog ”Carlz Cardz”, which went on to become ”Sweetncrafty”. I have thousands of pieces of Art and creative designs that I have hand-made over the years, working alongside many top companies within the industry. I can’t possibly keep it all in one place, so that’s why I thought it was about time that I had my own website. Hence here I am. You’ll not only find my creativity through crafts here but also everything else in my crazy hectic life.

The Past Times…

Over the years it has been a pleasure to have been apart of quite a ”few” design teams within the Arts and Crafts industry, at one point I even owned and completely ran my own successful challenge blog Charisma Cardz (which I was so sad to give up due to family commitments and life basically.) Who know’s maybe I could again return to this in the future?

So you’d like to know a little bit more about me?

Okay well… I can talk for England… heck make that Russia OK maybe the world! I’m a down to earth fun loving kinda gal who enjoys simple things in life!
I’ve Lost a lot, I’ve learnt a lot more so in the time I’ve been away from the blogging world and the one philosophy of life I can be sure of is what my mother always says…


Although my name is Carlyann, I wasn’t named after Carly Simon, sorry to dishearten anyone! In fact my mom wanted to call me Victoria! mmm! just reminds me of the sponge! That’s the cake variety for anyone wondering what this crazy girl is actually talking about. I’m so glad she didn’t, there is a lot of controversy in my family about my name, my mom swears to this day I have a hyphen in between Carly and Ann (Carly-ann) though on my actual birth certificate it’s not there Ann is in fact part of my first name Carlyann… then my small birth certificate bam… it’s there… so… me being me of course go by three names… Carly, Carlyann and Carly-ann! well… I do like to be different! but that’s me! I tend to only get called Carlyann when I’m in trouble or when someone really want’s to get my attention and I’m not giving it! I go through stages of wanting to be called it then not the so and so on, I’m weird i know!

Where does my creativity come from?

My creative side comes from… (insert some big story) I don’t actually know, my mom’s not really into creating… she likes baking and gardening and DIY… does that count? My dad didn’t do any of the above… infact he didn’t really do alot, so I don’t actually know where it comes from but I have an addiction to anything and everything that is creative! Thinking about it, I think my inital card-making started when I was bored one day and with anything in life once you become addicted to it, it grows and grows and bam it’s full blown addiction.

I confess I have major issues with pretty paper… half a rain forest later I know if my house (touch wood) ever burnt down it’d be warm!! I love to create One of a kind bespoke items things that are just a little bit different to the norm or what’s readily available in shops, again it’s the need to be different and unique.

People reading this from my YWoC adventure may think I’m a hardcore sticker and planner addict! Your actually very wrong… (sorry to disappoint) as much as I love my planner and sticker obsession I am primarily a card maker, but over the years that developed into scrap booking, altered art and eventually illustration which I love! Kind of a sneaky hint there to what is to come with YWoC.

What else besides creativity?

I have a love of beauty products namely nail varnish… we won’t go into how many bottles I own and how shockingly I am one of those people who goes through the stages of biting and not biting my nails. I should add here that I do all this and work for the NHS and live life… don’t ask me how I do it, I’m still expecting some kind of genie to just pop out of nowhere and go *bam* ”I’ve been helping you”… so far no sign of him or her yet!

The tech behind the girl?

As I have already mentioned I live in the picturesque place called Shropshire, England in the United Kingdom. If your wondering why I say picturesque you should really Google ”Ironbridge”. It’s literally a five minute drive from my house. So who’s behind the girl your reading about and the blog design, logo design and well genuinely all the IT tech side of things.

Well I live with my wonderful partner Darren who is a professional web developer and works for a lovely company just near home, one that I may add I re-did there vinyl signage for bring them up to date *wink wink*. I have been with him just over six years and he isn’t just my partner but my best friend and my headache too! But you get the picture, I really do love him, promise!.

Although I know abit of WordPress and learnt alot from my Blogspot days, as well as some basic HTML, he’s the tech behind my site. I regularly blow things up and this probably won’t change, my idea of seeing what things do by clicking whatever usually end in “Daz!! HELP!!!”. Many of my logos and site graphics are made by him, his knowledge of Photoshop constantly blows my mind, though I am learning and some bits and pieces are mine!

The Pests…

Oh! I thought I’d written that wrong, should of said “The Pet’s”, I have two white and tabby cats who are about 8 years old now, they are a complete nightmare… OK I am lying, but it is like having two three year olds running round the place sometimes. We are adoptive parents of Joe our collie dog but he lives with my mom and his brother from another mother Oakley (also a collie) both equally as mad as each other in there own ways.

Random info…

Random things for you next up is… My favourite food is practically anything that is truly American, I have a thing for American Candy and Milkshakes, in truth it’s because I am amazed at all the different flavours you American’s can get whilst here in the UK we really are boring!.

We don’t have any kids yet working on that 😉 but have two kitty’s that really is hard work… you’ve not met them!

If I were a crayon I’d be a white one! Because white is the opposite to black and often represents light in contrast with darkness, however white is the colour the human eye sees when it senses light which actually contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. So White is every colour mixed together!

I have a huge love and interest into space, astronomy and well anything to do with off planet earth! And not many people can say they’ve met a real life astronaut! I met (thanks to my wonderful man) Chris Hadfield in Dec 2014!!

My favourite smells Coffee (Starbucks obvs)! OK who am I really kidding, I’d drink Starbucks till the cows came home and then still go (not that I own any cows)! love love love toffee nut cannot wait till it comes back at Christmas time!

I’m totally scared of spiders and clowns that said since child-hood I’m terrified of Freddie Kruger but that’s my cousin Dave’s fault cheers for that!

If I could live anywhere in the world, I wouldn’t mind so long as I’m with my guy! 🙂 yes I’m a softy but sssh! but secretly well not so secretly everyone knows it’d be America.

My natural hair colour is brown, I go through stages of hating it and then wanting nothing but! Currently it’s out the window… Brown, red whatever you wanna call it.

I totally hate the cold and being cold! that said I’m fussy and can’t stand it when it’s far too hot! I have never been a sunshine person until my first proper holiday in 2014 to Futerventura, now I miss the sun so very much and hate this rain!!!

Dessert wise up until recently I’d have to say I loved the salted caramel ice cream sundae I had a few few years back at the holiday inn, not now… there’s a new favourite in town it so has to be Bella Italian’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie! TO DIE FOR!!!

I have various teaching grades in Street dance and modern and Zumba which is great fun!.

I’m a total gaming girl! I love every sorta game especially COD! back from the retro days to current day too! Me and my guy are gamers big time!

Although I live in Shropshire I’m actually a Lincoln gal! (I have lost the accent only thing is I do pick it up so easily when I go back!)

I think that’s enough rambles about me now… if I’ve not covered something I’m sure I will in my posts!