5 Days Down!

Morning everyone,

Just before I ramble on, has everyone finished there Christmas shopping yet? I’ve a few little odds and end’s left to get, I feel the shops around where I live are very samey though?!. Anyway… I’m here with day five of the Planner Countdown to Christmas with the Advent boxes from My Unicorn Planner and Your World Of Colour.

My Unicorn Planner Day 5

Day 5, and I feel like I haven’t talked about the packaging! Super cute kawaii stickers!!!

See this just tops yesterdays, a completely unique planner band with my name on! in gold too! it’s like omg… Totally love this and matches a number of planners I use!

Your World Of Colour Day 5

Day Five, let’s not talk about packaging… this was super akward and I really didn’t think this through, accept my apologies lol!

Washi tape!, I had no idea what I would end up with as I packed over 200 rolls of the stuff, so a nice little sorta surprise for me this morning!

What do you think? What was behind your day five? If your blogging or doing Instagram be sure to leave me a link so I can come and check out your calendars too!

See you tomorrow for day four!

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