Little Thoughts Store Etsy Show Review

Little Thoughts Store Etsy Show Review

Little Thoughts Store Etsy Shop!

Little Thoughts Store is a new to me Etsy Planner sticker shop, The Etsy shop is owned by a lovely lady Jodie and supplies an array of functional, colourful, foiled stickers, sticker albums and die cuts for many different planners. This Etsy shop is based in the United Kingdom and opened in 2017.

Paid or free?

My review today is of my first order with this shop which I placed during her shops 30% off flash sale back in July this year. I’ve paid for this order myself.

My Order

What drew me to Jodie’s shop was the foiled kits, I’m a very sticker heavy kinda planner girl but more recently I’ve not been using full kits, A) because I don’t use every single sticker and to me that’s just a waste and B) I like to use my own washi. So when I saw Jodie’s mini kits and the added bonus was they were foiled I had to give them a whirl. I don’t usually buy from shops that I’ve never sampled there paper as I’m a total freak when it comes to IT must have white backing!

I received a sampler of LTS in a recent destash on UKPA facebook group so I was dying to order… now before i crack on with my order, I can’t show the Silver and Light Pink date dots as I was in a rush when I received the order for them for my wedding planner so i’ve used them before photoing (oops my bad).

What did I order I hear you ask?

So I grabbed the Foiled Lemonade Mini Kit, Foiled Mermazing Mini Kit, Foiled Engagement Kit and 2 sheets of silver and light pink date dots (not shown here).

The Kits

So the first kit I order was the Foiled Lemonade Mini Kit, it’s bright and foiled with gold which I’m so hoarding for next summer, though this is a kit that you can pretty much use anytime you want to really.

One thing I did pick up on is the box sizes of LTS kits are not the standard EC size, standard being they’re the normal size without the header space, these kits actually fill the new 2019/2020 boxes with the header included in the size, something that kinda puts me off a little but seems I’m not one to line all my boxes up very often I can get over it.

The foiling is really nice on this kit, no missing parts and really does blend well with the colours, there’s nothing worse than having a kit with mismatched foiling but this is perfect, one thing I’d like to see is may be some added foil to sheet 2 of the mini kit.

The Second kit I purchased was The foiled Mermazing kit, mermaids are everywhere in the summer kits this year so this one I had to grab. I esepechhially love this art work and how well it’s put together really gives a unique feel.

The foil on this kit is to die for it’s amazing! with a capitol A. I love the quotes and the colour really goes well with this kit! I know, I know i’ve already said about the foiling above, but seriously I wish more shop owners would take the time to really think about what goes with what, not just slap on five million foil options I really like how Jodie doesn’t do this with her kits and has a set foil, to me as a customer really shows she’s thought about the kit and how well she’s put it together!

And last but not least the last kit I purchased was The Engagement Mini Kit Foiled. Now I know i’ve been engaged since like 5 years go and I’m getting married 8 months today, but I really wanted this kit for my wedding planner, I have an EC Wedding planner and although it doesn’t have the weeks in it like a standard EC would have, I want to use this to recreate something to remind me of that day I asked him!

The foiling on this kit is silver which really goes well again! (I’ll shut up about the foil now), but it’s a really pretty kit and to be honest there is a serious lack of engagement and wedding planner related stickers out there!

Social Media

You can follow the Etsy shop’s Instagram at – @littlethoughtsstore and also can be found on Facebook with a lovely community group.


Regular discounts can be found on the shops Instagram and also her PR team.

My Personal Score

Each Shop Product I now review comes with a possible score of 100. This is determined on ten factors as below, you can find out HERE what the overall score means in my world.

Paper Quality 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
My order was completely in Little Thoughts Store matt sticker paper.

This Sticker paper is a nice smooth, thin, white matt, soft to touch and easy to peel. I was also impressed that it isn’t bulky like some sticker paper can be which is great for my planner, especially as I decorate weekly and being foiled it’s not super thick yay!!!.

Vibrancy of Colours / Print 9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)
The stickers that I have received within my order are really bright and vibrant colours, I did come across a tiny imperfection on print quality on one of the boxes on my Lemonade kit, but it’s no biggie and I can live with it.

Uniqueness of Clipart 8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)
One thing I look for when ordering my planner sticker is something different, there are so many shops across Etsy and the Internet that use the same clipart in different ways. I like shops that are different, that stand out from the crowd and grab my attention. My score for is high 8, whilst the shop has some familiar cliparts within the weekly sticker kits and functional, Jodie has a whole bunch of designs that are unique as they are hand-drawn by her, which I really like.

Cost of order 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10) My order total was £20.90 with a 30% discount took me to £14.63 for 3 kits and 2 sheets of date dots, which being all foil is really reasonable even without the discount.

Processing and Shipping Times 8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)
Little Thoughts Store aims to process all orders within 1-14 working days, this means cutting and packing all the wonderful stickers and then actually posting your order out to you. Obviously different things factor the length it takes to process orders so please always check Etsy for her latest shipping processing times.

I placed my order on the of 23rd July 2019, it was dispatched on the 11th August 2019, (so 19 days processing total) and then I received it on the of 14th August. Total number of days from ordering till my order was in my hands was 22 days, which is slightly on the high side being a UK to UK order, but I do know Jodie was swamped with orders at the time and didn’t realise how many order’s she’d have to cope with, which after I’d waited the 14 days she kindly wrote me after I’d messaged to explain the delay and that to me is fine as I was kept in the loop!

Cut Lines 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
I cannot fault the cut lines in any of the sheets that I received, they are 100% perfect.

Price of Postage and Packaging 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
My order was shipped with free postage!

Normal charges are £1 Postage to the UK no matter how much you purchase and I think eligible orders ship free but I’m not sure on the total you have to spend.

Presentation 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
All my stickers were sealed inside the envelope and all the sticker sheets were neatly together too.

Freebies/Rewards 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
Little Thoughts Store sends a cute small sampler with every order no matter how big or small which featured her shops character which is such a cute Willow bunny!

Seller/Shop Communication 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
Jodie is lovely, any questions or quires you may have feel free to contact her. Her shop about me section is informative and helpful for those who have questions and wanting to know about the shop too.

Overall95/100. (See here for breakdown of my score chart)

Over all I’m thrilled with my Little Thoughts Store order and will certainly be continuing to use this shop for future purchases.

Thanks for stopping by today! I’d love to know what you think? Have you ordered from them before?

*Please note – all the opinions given are my own although I receive products free of charge sometimes, this does not alter my reviews. They are 100% truthful.

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