You run a business, you work full-time, your a blogger, a v logger, You Tuber, a planner, a mom. The list is endless. When are you supposed to sleep? or eat? or have a social life?. Do we really give up everything to make your business dreams a reality?

In simple terms the answer is always: Yes. It is possible to be a successful business online and blog without the need to give up your sleep and your well… LIFE.

That’s easier said than done, there is always a catch. It’s not easy at all, heck I’d go so far to say it’s actually mind bendingly physically and emotionally draining sometimes.

The physical side to it is the long hours you dedicate to your business, weather your a small shop or big, time is a thing. We all are guilty of saying “Right, I’m only putting X amount of hours in today” and that turns out to be double or triple in reality. The emotionally draining part is you have to have some sort of plan and be organised. Sounds simple right? The truth is that being organised is much more about running your business, it’s about moving things off you to do lists and putting things on them, that to-do list… IT’S NEVER ENDING. You have to make sacrifices in your life and idea’s, you have to be smart enough to decide what to pursue and what not to when you come up with master ideas!

Let me tell you about how it really can be:

For a completely and utterly passionate and crazy business girl with all the ideas and goals, taking things off my to-do list is a nightmare! It pains me beyond belief, it’s not just business that suffers it’s your life too. If your not organised to the max and you don’t feel this way, chances are your not organised at all and you really do have to prioritize a little more effectively.

You have to realise you can’t manage 37 new projects all at once, you can’t learn 10 new things next week. You can’t hit up Instagram, Facebook, Youtube all at once. If you try to, you’ll end up frazzled and completely stressed out and well… a mess on the floor, which helps no-one.

Magic wand anyone?

Sorry to disillusion anyone who thinks “how hard can it be?” in short terms the one word that springs to mind is: HARD.

There is no magic wand that you can wave around like a magic fairy and everything will be done, you’ll suddenly have zero things to worry about and zero on your to-do list. The solution to effectively manage all your social media, your life and your business as a whole is to prioritize and do things one by one.

How it effects me…

I used to be the business girl who would stay up to the wee hours of the morning, y,know when the bats are about and our family and kids are asleep. Stressing out that I had so much to do, trying to complete work, trying to get promotional material ready or whatever. I used to say no to my family for days out and going to see them because I had too much on my to-do list. This went on for months… till I realised that actually unless I changed the way I organised not just my business but my life too, I wasn’t going to have much of one (A Life that is).

Now I take a step back use my planning obsession to plan my time, my business, my free personal time and everything else life throws at me, I prioritize things that need to be done in both business and blogging, as well as my social media platforms. It’s all about priorities, running a business doesn’t have to be hard it can be quite simple. Don’t let stress and workload panic you! Take a step back and Plan!.

So how about you? What’s your ideas for overcoming the stress of so much to do?

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