The Countdown is on!

Hey friends,

I’m back again today and every day this month sharing my Planner Christmas Advent calendar’s with you!

Today’s day two and I’m just as excited as yesterday, So let’s dive straight in! The two boxes I will be sharing are;

  1. 24 Day Advent Box from My Unicorn Planner
  2. 25 Day Advent Box from Your World Of Colour

My Unicorn Planner Day Two

So, Day two, is a little bulky… I wonder what this could be…

Eeeek! One of my favourite planning accessories, Washi Tape! total bonus point’s go to Lindsey for a washi I actually don’t own! love this.

Your World Of Colour Day Two

Yay! Day two is here…

Day two is a full box sheet with 8 different Disney inspired quotes, I love these as sometimes i need a pick me up quote or something for self-care or memory planning.

What do you think? What was behind your day twos? If your blogging or doing Instagram be sure to leave me a link so I can come and check out your calendars too!

See you tomorrow for day three!

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