The Plump Planner Etsy Shop Planner Stickers Review

The Plump Planner Etsy Shop Planner Stickers Review

The Plump Planner Etsy Shop!

I was first introduced to The Plump Planner on the Facebook group – UK Planner Addicts. I actually purchased a few sheets of this shops stickers from detaches on the group as this Etsy shop has limited opening hours. I was terrible in forgetting to go on at 7pm on a Friday to order! (Totally my own fault). The Etsy shop is owned by the lovely Karen Pringle and supplies an array of functional planner stickers and lots of weekly and monthly mini kits for planners. This Etsy shop is based in the United Kingdom and takes a limited number of orders every Friday at 7pm! So be quick!!!

Paid or free?

My review today of my latest The Plump Planner planner sticker haul is my own paid for review. I can’t help but order lots of stickers!! I need them, well at least that’s what I keep telling myself. My order this time consisted of three weekly kits “Autumn Colours”, “Sunshine Girl” and  “Autumn Skies and Pumpkin Pies”, along with four lots of functional sticker sets; “Organise Stickers”, “Buy Cat Food”, “Mood Trackers” and ” Etsy Order Trackers”.

The Kits

Let’s have a peek at what kits I ordered…

First up we have the “Autumn Colours” Weekly Mini Kit.

I’ve been starting to look for kits to plan out my autumn months and I find I don’t always have what I need, I love The Plump Planner Kits because they’re so handy if I forget to order something specific I always have a back up plan to what I want to use with these kits.

Autumn Colours mini weekly kit I had sized for my EC Vertical (as I do with all my kits I order). It comes as a two-sheet kit. Comprising of; sheet one – eight full boxes. Sheet two consists of seven half boxes (which I like because with my planner layouts I use one each day), two quarter boxes, one full box deco, one weekend sticker, one notes sticker, two checklists and eight deco stickers. Overall this mini kit has 30 stickers. I really like the soft tones of pink and browns in this kit.

Next up we have “Sunshine Girl” Mini Weekly Kit.

Again in EC Vertical layout, This kit is stunning, I love the bold bright colours, clipart is amazing and really pretty, I can’t wait to use this kit in my planner to brighten a week up. It comes as a two-sheet kit. Comprising of; sheet one – eight full boxes. Sheet two consists of seven half boxes, two quarter boxes, one full box deco, one weekend sticker, one notes sticker, two checklists and five deco stickers. Overall this mini kit has 28 stickers.

The last kit I purchased was the “Autumn Skies and Pumpkin Pies” Weekly Mini Kit.

This kit I plan to use in October, I love the colour tones in this one, it’s pink’s, orange’s, brown’s and black’s really are pretty. It comes as a two-sheet kit. Comprising of; sheet one – eight full boxes. Sheet two consists of seven half boxes, two quarter boxes, one full box deco, one weekend sticker, one notes sticker, two checklists and eleven deco stickers. Overall this mini kit has 33 stickers.

The Functional’s

Moving on to the functional sticker’s, first up is the “Buy Cat Food” Sticker Set.

I constantly need reminder stickers to buy cat food as one of my little kitty’s has to have special food as he’s allergic to most normal cat foods, so these are super cute for my planner to remind me when I need to get his food. Two sheets consist of 90 stickers.

As I’m always sorting my stickers out into different folders, I thought these cute “Organise Stickers” would be perfect for my planner!

These two sheets consist of 60 stickers with lots of different designs! Perfect for my organising days.

I’m always placing Etsy orders, not just for stickers either, I know right shock! So when I came across the “Etsy Order Trackers” I had to purchase them.

These are a set of 36 stickers, four of each 9 colours, just a bit bigger than a quarter box and smaller than a half box but ideal for me to track my Etsy purchases.

And last but no means least, I have my good days and I have my bad days just like anyone else… So these “Mood Trackers” are perfect for those days I want to record my bad or good moods.


They come in 10 various colours, some of which are repeated and 4 of each colour. A total of 44 Stickers.

Social Media

You can follow the Etsy shop’s Instagram at – @ThePlumpPlanner for sneak peeks of upcoming shop listings.


Regular discounts can be found on Instagram and upon your first order you’ll receive a discount code too! Also… Watch out for an exclusive freebie deluxe sampler with a special code on in my shop Your World Of Colour on September 1st, as The Plump Planner are celebrating my 1st Year Shop Anniversary with me too!

My Personal Score

Each Shop Product I now review comes with a possible score of 100. This is determined on ten factors as below, you can find out HERE what the overall score means in my world.

Paper Quality 9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)
My order was completely in The Plump Planner’s standard matt sticker paper.

The Plump Planner use’s branded sticker paper from Staples in the UK, it’s bright white matt as standard. So it does have “Staples written on the backing paper” (I may add this doesn’t effect the quality at all).

Vibrancy of Colours / Print 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
The stickers that I have received within my order are lovely as always, I cannot fault any of my order what so ever, the colours match that on screen, along with the print quality is perfect as usual.

Uniqueness of Clipart 7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10) As you know I love stickers that are different, whilst The Plump Planner does purchase regularly available Commercial clipart from various shops on Etsy, I love how she style’s her mini kit’s with them. I also like the sayings that go along with the artwork she uses with the functional stickers.

Cost of order 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
Thoroughly happy with the price I paid for my paid for stickers.

All the stickers products in the shop are a flat rate of £2.25 per set (which usually comprises of two sheets). I also happen to have a discount code which I had with my first purchase so I pay a little less for mine as you will once you’ve purchased first time!.

Processing and Shipping Times 9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)
The Plump Planner only opens at 7pm on a Friday and takes a limited amount of orders before closing, I know it’s not ideal for those who regularly miss out, but I understand Karen has a life and running a sticker shop isn’t all that simple and easy as everyone may think!.

The Plump Planner aims to process all orders within 7-10 working days, this means cutting and packing all the super cute stickers and then actually posting your order out to you. Obviously different things factor the length it takes to process orders so please always check Etsy for her latest shipping processing times.

I placed my order on the of 4th August 2017, it was dispatched on the 7th August 2017 (so 4 days processing total) and then I received it on the of 9th August 2017. Total number of days from ordering till my order was in my hands was 6 days, which is very good in my eyes.

Cut Lines 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
I cannot fault the cut lines in any of the sheets that I received, they are 100% perfect as always.

Price of Postage and Packaging 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
My order was received in a hard backed envelope to protect it from being bent and the stickers from being damaged, The cost of postage paid was a second class stamp priced at 55p so I think the £1 price I paid for postage and packaging is very fair indeed.

The Plump Planner charges 85p Postage to the UK no matter how much you purchase.

Presentation 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
All my stickers were sealed inside the envelope in a clear cello bag which was sealed with the shops logo sticker with a discount code, which I think is a nice touch. All the sticker sheets were neatly together too.

Freebies/Rewards 8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)
The Plump Planner tries to keep the cost of her stickers as low as possible so that they are affordable for all, for that reason she doesn’t provide free samples. But, does offer discount and thank you codes instead. There is currently no reward scheme.

Seller/Shop Communication 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)
Karen is lovely, any questions or quires you may have feel free to contact her. If you can’t see something in her shop, just ask! Communication is fantastic and everything with my order was on-time and as expected from the moment I placed the order. Her shop about me section is informative and helpful for those who have questions and wanting to know about the shop too.

Overall93/100. (See here for breakdown of my score chart)

Over all I’m thrilled with my Plump Planner order and will certainly be continuing to use this shop for future purchases.

Thanks for stopping by today! I’d love to know what you think? Have you ordered from The Plump Planner Before?

*Please note – all the opinions given are my own although I receive products free of charge sometimes, this does not alter my reviews. They are 100% truthful.

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  • Ooo I do love a good plump planner sticker! It is a shame she’s only open on a Friday evening half the time I miss her opening, I don’t think I’d change anything about her stickers either! Fantastic review x

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