Overall Review Scores

My blog contains all of my own opinions and the references on this site are my own, I’ve not been in any way paid to say nice things or bribed ;-). I do sometimes have products sent to me free of charge to review (I will always state this if I have). If you wish to have a product reviewed please Email Me.

Within my reviews I have 10 areas to which I score the products/store/shop that I am talking about out of a possible 100. This is what my overall score breakdown means in my eyes;

0-30 Points – I am really disappointed in a number of ways about a specific product/shop/store and really wouldn’t recommend it through personal experience and my own opinions.

31-50 Points – An average product, not that excited about the store/shop/product and in my eyes, could be better in alot of areas.

51 – 75 Points – Good products, Good things about the store/shop, areas to be improved, worth taking a chance on.

76 – 89 Points – Reliable products, reliable store/shop, very few errors, in my eyes I’d be happy to by from.

90 – 100 Points – Exceptional products, superb store/shop, will always recommend.