Erin Condren Life Planner 2017/2018 – Hardbound 5″X8″ Horizontal Black

Erin Condren Life Planner 2017/2018 – Hardbound 5″X8″ Horizontal Black

Something Exciting The New Erin Condren Life Planner!

Hey friends,

I’m here today with something exciting, yep the new Erin Condren Horizontal Hardbound Life Planner for 2017/2018 just arrived today! Yay! I know you have probably seen a gazillion plan with me, posts and videos all about the new planners, but this is my review and personal opinion. I really hope this helps you in any way with any questions you have about the new hardbound planner.

EC have released this planner in two versions both the small 5×8 Horizontal planner and the large 8×10 vertical planner both available to buy in four colour options. The planner I am reviewing today is the 5×8 Horizontal Hardbound planner in black with gold EC flower design on the front.

First Impressions – 10/10 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)

My first impressions of the new planner when taking it out of the packaging was that it’s very book like, it looks nice, it’s a nice size to carry around for day to day usage. It’d fit nicely in my handbag along with the other junk that I carry. On a quick flick through I was impressed with the layouts and the colour scheme.

The Cover –  8/10 8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

Firstly it’s Hardbound, no rings or spiral bound in sight. Which is actually unusual for me as I’m primarily a spiral bound kinda planner girl. So it really does look like a book or a journal which is nice. EC website states “Sleek, satin finish covers”, which is true it’s so unbelievably soft to touch. In my opinion, I do really like the feel of the covers, it adds to an expensive kind of feel. However, I soon realised the moment you touch the covers, your fingers leave prints from the natural greasiness of your hands on the cover, something I really disliked and cannot imagine myself or anyone for that fact wearing gloves to plan!.

One thing I do like about the cover is the gold metallic detailing of the EC asterisk which if you have a black planner it’s gold, a turquoise planner it’s blue, a pink planner it’s rose gold and a white planner it’s silver.

The spine is the exact same with a metallic gold flag with 2017/2018 on.

You do have the option for an extra $5 to have your name personalised on the front of the planner but I didn’t opt for that, mainly because I didn’t order mine off Erin Condren.

Will the spine binding stand up to last? I don’t know, I’d imagine if your a heavy sticker addict at don’t leave white space, this isn’t the planner for you, I don’t think it will hold up for a full 18 months of heavily snickered layouts. Like with any book or journal it’s bound to crack the more it gets chunky.

The Inside Scoop – 10/10 10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)

As you’d expect from Erin Condren Planners, the very first page is a “this is my life” and a chance to personalise with you own name, I’m actually impressed with the initial design of this front page, it’s stunning with black, grey, white and gold foil mid-century circles design. Following on has a beautiful double spread of the same design with gold foiled quotes.

Your then met with the 2017/2018 mini calendar overview, which is fab for tracking important dates or simply to reference check a day/date when you need to.

Then you have a double page with 6 boxes on each side, this is a great feature to track most important dates of the year to come or may to add your list of birthdays to.

Following on you have your monthly over view boxes, a complete month over two pages to fill in as needed, plus the nice little notes section on the right side. You get this same double spread before each month of the year through-out the planner.

And so we jump into the weekly plan, each double page has one week to view and I have to say I’m absolutely thrilled it starts on a Monday, some planners don’t and this is one thing that really annoys me. As it’s the horizontal layout there’s plenty of room to write your days to do’s or what ever you need to. Personally I plan to use this planner for my social media tracking and blog posting so it’s perfectly big enough for what I need. There is also a notes box at the end of each week which I think is great because I can pop in important things I must do, or need to do or just random notes.

The further you get into the planner, you’ll notice some of these note’s box’s actually have quote on them which I think is a nice touch.

At the very back of the planner is your usual lined note paper pages, dot grid paper pages and plain pages, followed on with a 2019 mini calendar overview. Finally on the very last page there is a full paged quote and opposite to finish is the same foiled mid-century page.

The Paper 9/10 9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)

I have to say from being a previous EC planner girl with various other EC planners, I’m really impressed with the quality of the paper it’s nice, smooth, brilliant bright white, and the designs are impeccable. The only reason I’ve marked this 9/10 simply as I’m yet to do a pen test. (Will update).

 My Verdict 9/10 9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)

This planner retails at $30.00 on the Erin Condren website, because I am in the UK I would of had to pay $19.99 Shipping totaling $49.99 which in today’s current exchange rate is £38.22. I didn’t actually pay that amount for it because I brought it of someone on Ebay. However, I would pay this for this planner, it’s certainly worth it for an 18 months vertical hardbound planner, in my eyes that equates if I paid full price to £2.12 a month.

It’s stylish, layout is perfect for my needs, quality is nearly on point bar the front cover. Yes I’d say I would definitely re-buy this planner for me in the future.

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